Creation and Web Design of Restaurant Gepetto

Creation and Web Design of Restaurant Gepetto



DATE: 2013

CLIENE: Restaurant Gepetto

CATEGORY: Web Design & Facebook fan page


Restaurant Gepetto is located in Rubi, Barcelona. It is a restaurant specializing in grilled meats, but offers all kinds of food on their menus and “à la carte”. Thinking in both meat and fish lovers, and also vegetarian and children.

Website is designed with a responsive design , that allows to properly display the web from any device.


We design a website very visual, funny and professional, but at the same time easily navigable and intuitive. It is a webpage that the customer will enjoy definitely and surely will visit again.


It has a newsletter and promotions subscription form, to take a more direct and fluid contact with the customer and loyalty the restaurant brand.


We also realized the SEO to positioning the website and also made a Facebook fan page, to promote the company in one of the most important Social Networks, allowing us to do online advertising campaigns and promotions, reaching directly to potential clients on this platform.

Web: Restaurant Gepetto


Responsive Design (website properly displayed from any device).

Responsive Design - website properly displayed from any mobile device

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