Design of a newspaper ad for FUNDEMAR

Design of a newspaper ad for FUNDEMAR


DATE: 2013

CLIENT: Fundemar | Non Profit Non Governmental Organization

CATEGORY: Printed and Editorial Design


FUNDEMAR is an organization dedicated to promote, advise and planning sustainable use of marine ecosystems and their resources through research, education and conservation policies. It has a technical team with scientific rigor, dedication and efficiency to service, capable of performing actions and projects to achieve the objectives of the organization.


We design a press release to local media to publicize and promote the activities of this environmental nonprofit foundation. It is a foundation with great influence and very solid foundations in the country, with great professionals and volunteers who are making every day a more sustainable ecosystem by protection and education projects to the population.





Committed with the environment


In Limonada Estudio we are conscious about the environment. We are animal, nature and life lovers in general. We try to put these principles into our designs and contribute as far as possible doing works for various foundations and animal welfare organizations.


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