Graphic Design works for “Collares Rojos”

Graphic Design works for “Collares Rojos”

Graphic Design works for animal welfare foundation “Collares Rojos”

DATES: 2013-2014
CLIENT: Collares Rojos
CATEGORY: Printed Design & Online Advertising


Collares Rojos is a Non Profit Animal Welfare Foundation, located in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. It is intended to the protection of abused and abandoned animals and to the education and helping to local people to learn to respect animals and care for them properly.


We actively work with Collares Rojos creating works of Graphic Design for printed and online publications. We also created their website so they can have presence on the internet to reach potential animal lovers, volunteers and supporters.

only-3-dolars Collares Rojos Campaign Help and Be Happy

ads-land-refugees-Collares Rojos Facebook

journey-sterilization-back-t-shirt-Collares Rojos Campaign help and Be Happy

illustration-Collares Rojos campaing adopt and Be Happy



collares rojos Campaign Adopt & Be Happy

Collares Rojos Campaign Adopt and Be Happy






calendar-2014 Collares Rojos



Committed with the Environment

Logo-Limonada-Estudio-Committed to the Environment

In Limonada Estudio we are conscious about the environment. We are animal, nature and life lovers in general. We try to put these principles into our designs and contribute as far as possible doing work for various foundations and animal welfare in Dominican Republic.

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