Logo for Nitida Fundacion Medioambiental

Logo for Nitida Fundacion Medioambiental

Logo for NITIDA Fundacion Medioambiental

DATE: 2012


CATEGORY: Identity Corporate


NITIDA Fundacion Medioambiental is a Nonprofit Dominican Non Governmental Organization (NGO), for the conservation and recovery of the marine environment and endangered species.


NITIDA is formed by a multidisciplinary professional team consisting of biologists, divers, economists, engineers specializing in sustainable resources and environmental educators who share a common goal; ensure that our work contributes to the conservation of marine biodiversity so it can be enjoyed and understood by future generations. Furthermore, NITIDA has a base of collaborators and nature lovers partners committed to the conservation of Dominican marine biodiversity.



We created a logo represented by a “manatee” a formerly abundant in Dominican waters and currently protected and an endangered marine species. Perfectly represents the fight to protect the marine environment and the need to educate people, ensuring a better future for the environment in which we all live.

logo-principal-colors-corporate-identity-Nitida-Fundación-Medioambiental-non-profit-dominican-republic logo-variants-corporate-colors-grey-scale-identity-Nitida-Fundación-Medioambiental-non-profit-Dominican-Republic







Committed with the Environment


In Limonada Estudio we are conscious about the environment. We are animal, nature and life lovers in general. We try to put these principles into our designs and contribute as far as possible doing work for various foundations and animal welfare in Dominican Republic.

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