Website Design for Eventos & Catering

Website Design for Eventos & Catering



DATE: 2014

CLIENT: Eventos & Catering

CATEGORY: Web Design


Eventos & Catering is a company located in La Romana, Dominican Republic. It is a company that deals with the design, organization and planning all kinds of events y  and catering services.

We create and design a website very attractive visually, while easily navigable and intuitive. Is a website mainly aimed at a female audience, since they are usually in charge of the events and weddings preparations, that is why was created with a feminine and refined look appearance.

The website is designed with a responsive design well taken care, which correctly displays the page from any device.

We have worked thoroughly SEO (natural positioning of the website in major search engines, like Google). We develop the web using a different order from the regular menus, prioritizing the key words contained in it and exposing the pages of importance in the main menu tabs.

The website has been developed in two languages, English and Spanish, since it is a company that offers its services in the Dominican Republic but also has worldwide clients.

The website has a subscription form for newsletter and promotions, to take a more direct and fluid contact with the client and trying to retain customer with the brand of Eventos & Catering.

It also has a blog to update the website with new content that users can interact with: making comments, sharing in social networks, sending it by e-mail, etc..

See the redesigned logo for Eventos & Catering

Web: Eventos & Catering


Responsive Design (web adapted to all mobile devices).

Responsive Design -web adapted to all mobile devices

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