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Communication material where the company products and services are offered must be carefully designed by professionals to achieve the desired effect in the consumer. Brochures, catalogs, leaflets, flyers, posters, business cards, stationery, etc. all printed items are a basic support to salesThe communicates must be clear and simply in addition has to transmit to the client the company image. The design should differentiate it from other catalogs competition and leave a mark on the person who sees it, besides that, should also being consistent with the corporate image and easily recognizable at a glance.

Your printed designs must capture the customer’s attention, in order to maintain the image of your company it must be a professional team who is responsible for the designs, Limonada Estudio will ensure that your projects are conducted with the highest professionalism and quality. Our experts will advise you on the best type of media to use for print, the extent depending on the utility that you want to give the material and they will be adapted to your needs and suggestions, being always you who set the guidelines.

To differentiate your products and services from the competition and them to be associated with what you offer, our brand design specialists will advise and propose you with the best solutions.



The approach and structure of a communication piece like a brochure, a flyer or a book are essential at the target audience purchase time. A good image and a clean editorial design increases the purchasing decision.


The editorial design is the structure and composition embodying books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs and covers among many others. It is the branch of graphic design that specializes in the publications aesthetics and design from inside to outside . Each type of publication has particular communication needs and we must adapt to them to communicate and reach the customer at a glance.

The objective is achieve a symmetrical balance between the text and the graphics. In Limonada Estudio we work to achieve the most attractive, visual and professional publication results.




The documents that will represent the company, that are delivered to customers, should maintain a similar structure design and on the same line with the brand image, designers must consider these factors when making design stationery. A company need different types of graphic material to deliver to their customers and all them must have the same design and style. The business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, etc. These graphic elements of a company must maintain the corporate colors and aesthetics as established on the brand. Therefore corporate stationery design is always made following the established line and helping to strengthen the company image.

A basic material in the corporate stationery are the business cards/strong>, that must be another communication channel of the company and where is shown the business activity and how and where to contact your company, but also their design must clearly express the image that the company wants to transmit.

For the performance of this material is essential to have a company logo, if you do not have it already, do not worry, in Limonada Estudio we will present you several proposals, based on your business needs and the idea you want to reflect on it and we will adhere to your demands, always offering our advice and ensuring the best results.


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A good corporate identity must be designed in 360º, linking each and every one of the jobs of Graphic Design that are developed and keeping the brand essence. In this way, customers will fix your brand image and recognize it at a glance in any work done.

We must not forget this methodology in any of your works and we must be constant, because if not, your brand will lose in quality and identity, making to potential customers not to look at your brand or do not find it consistent and attractive.


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